Today’s Bull

My biggest problem is that I keep changing my mind!  My other problem is that I can’t keep my mouth shut…..So here will be the place you can find the bull that I am really HOT on at the moment.  Do not tell your friends about this place, because demand will get short on these bulls, because 1.)  I’m personally using “tons” of him and 2.)  people will use more because of this recommendation!  I want to give you, my reader, a little inside scoop that nobody else gets to hear.  From the actual semen production, problems we have with the bull, the story behind how we got the bull, the people behind this bull, the amount of semen we sold on this bull, quality of the semen, etc….


506HO113 Askew Magician

One of my first rookie video’s!  I think I can do a much better job now!

The Way They Are: Non professional pictures!

His proof is always going to show low milk, but he is actually one of our highest milk bulls when you look at real daughter averages at 27,500+!  That is one of the highest bulls out there and you can see the milk in these pictures.  I had a dairyman call me and tell me that a 2nd lactation cow was giving 153 lbs of milk a day and she looks like a rock star!!!

Magician Himself!  Great looking bull.  He had a little problem with his back left foot at the time of this picture, but it looks much better now.  Semen production is low, but quality is all there!  His lowest collection in August 2011 was 200 units (2X stength) and his best collection in August 2011 305 units which is very low.  His motile sperm is 65-70%.  As his foot is healing over a long period of time he is jumping much better and is starting to become a pro!  He is now looking forward to jumping! 🙂

What else can I say about his Grand Dam – Markwell Bstar E. Raven!!!  This cow has the ability to transmit her genetics down to many generations – that is just a FACT!

Here are some professional pictures of some daughters of Magician:

Did I forget Calving Ease?  I guarantee you will not have a problem with this bull producing big calves ever!  Ask anyone who used him!  Lots of guys using Magician on 100% of their heifers until the Magicians daughters are going to be in the breeding pen!If you have any questions about this bull – just comment below and I will be happy to answer any questions that I can.  Thanks for reading!


2 thoughts on “Today’s Bull”

  1. Jon Lundgren said:

    If I was breeding pure Holsteins, Magician would definitely get a look from me.

    Nice pictures, you know I like pictures of cows in their working clothes!

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