Nate Cossaboom

As an AI technician for 27 years & an ET technician for 15 years I have found the most important thing for me to concentrate on is what I have as my business motto, “specializing in Bovine pregnancies”. The only thing that keeps my business going is when the work results in a pregnancy. I have been an AI tech, ET tech & ET Lab tech with an ET Vet. The area of the country I am in has low cow numbers but that doesn’t mean that dairy & beef farmers don’t deserve the best service possible. I started Bovine Genetics LLC in April 2010 because there was a need for good, reliable service & everyone in the area deserves service. Some days I drive over 200 miles & only breed 4-6 cows & transfer an embryo or two, that’s fine I am seeing positive results & I have happy customers. In New England I am the distributor for Sierra Desert Breeders semen. There have been great conception rates in the herds where I use the SDB semen. There is a shortage of veterinarians, in the area I live & work, which have time to do repro work on farms, so I provide a blood testing for pregnancy service, which I do with Precision Diagnostics. I just finished teaching an embryo placement training school in Pennsylvania with Precision Diagnostics, which we do twice a year. At the end of the week I went to an IVF facility to be trained to receive fresh IVF embryos for my clients that I will transfer the day I get them. My belief: the most important thing is pregnancy.


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