My Short Story

After working for a major artificial insemination bull stud for about 10 years breeding cows I saw plenty of politics in the bull business.  Many decisions the artificial insemination bull studs make are not about helping dairymen out in their real needs.  Everything the artificial insemination companies do is to increase their bottom lines by increasing the price of their bull semen.  Those decisions really made me answer questions about what I am really doing.  I decided to take action and start a new artificial insemination company with my mentor Wout VanderGoot in the summer of 2007.  Our whole goal was to produce cattle that all dairymen would like no matter how much “they” change the indexing formulas and production & type numbers so the big artificial insemination bull studs could “increase the blend” of the semen from their bulls. Our concept is simple in that we believe good dairy cows come from good dairy cow families.  No matter what the current trend is in the politics of bull proofs we are going to stick with getting top genetics from the best cows in the world no matter what the numbers are on paper! This will always end with results of producing great cows that our customers expect!


4 thoughts on “My Short Story”

  1. Gavin Clements said:

    have some great semen from a bull that comes out of a herd that averaged 613kgs/ms last season in new zealand , good type cows with great records . might be worth a look . I know he has collected some more semen recently .
    Glenbrook jersey stud based in Taranaki .NZ . have found his genetics great and have used them for 6-7 years and the farms production has increased dramatically … I agree with what you have put in your blog about the politics of the breeding game and I have found it to fail more and nore dairymen all the time …. tha biggest problem I find is the banks what the figures high to lend on animals that have a high figures (genetic not production ) hence young dairy men go for the high genetic figures all the time … a real shame .. keep up the good work

    • Thanks! I’ll check out that bull! Are you from NZ? I have a good vet friend that has moved there and is practicing there. He loves it! Lots of banks here are not into lending money on genetic indexes.

  2. Gavin Clements said:

    Yes I am in new Zealand . You are lucky that banks are being a bit tight here at present hence the farm owners that are looking for sharemilkers are looking at the ‘highest’ merit herds so potentially to earn the most money , a lot of rot reallly .

    • Oh, banks are really tight here too! Any profits from the dairies are given to the banks! I just haven’t heard of them lending by the sires they have used, infact, they are making sure their semen bill is as cheap as possible!

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