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Rocky's Dam

For those who have not looked at our new bull book yet, I wrote an article about dairy genomics.  This might get some criticism in the dairy genetic world, but it is something that we want to warn our dairymen about.  We do sell lots of dairy genomic semen from bulls that we feel comfortable with even if we would rather take the safe side on using proven bulls we know make great cattle.  The advertising of the big Artificial Insemination companies creates a huge demand for genomics that we can not ignore.  Anyways, this is what I wrote…..


Warning about Genomics!

 We are now seeing young sires with reliabilities up to 85%!  WOW!  That is a lot of trust for bulls that are only a year old and are years away from having milking daughters!  How can young sires go from 35% to 85% in just a few years?

SDB realizes that genomics are here and are here to stay, it is a tool to find better genetics.  But we want to warn our customers that even though a government scientist at the USDA puts a reliability number on these “proofs” that they consider being true that it might NOT be as reliable as they say.  We recommend using genomic bulls with caution and use proven bulls that you know make good daughters with trust no matter where you buy your semen from.  It is good to remember that genomic bulls are still young sires and even if genomics works it is not good to expect them to be more reliable than 50%.

We are still going to be picking out our young bulls the same as we always have – from the BEST cows in the World!  We are NOT going to be chasing after that number 1 bull especially if it comes from a random high genetic cow that has no pedigree behind her.  We will still be looking at progeny from great cows like Markwell Bstar Raven, the Roxy family, the Blackstar line, because they have proven themselves to transmit her good genetics down to many generations.

We plan on having a few daughter tours this year.  That is one thing you can NOT do with genomic bulls!  We invite you to see these daughters so that you will see for yourselves why there is no need to trust in genomics!

Happy Breeding!!!

Let me know what you think…