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Students Learning from the Best

Have you ever wanted to learn the basics of Embryo Transfer?  Well, you get your chance October 18, 19 and 20th of 2011 at Red Knob Farm in Peach Bottom, PA!  It is put on by our NE distributor Precision Diagnositics LLC by
Doug Speicher and Nate Cossaboom.  These highly trained individuals are the best to learn from!

Last year Progressive Dairyman did an excellent article on this Embryo Transfer School that you can read here.

This is for anyone interested!  “We always get a mix of people at our course”, commented Nate Cossaboom in the Progressive Dairyman article. “We have veterinarians, veterinarian students, experienced dairy and beef farmers, and A.I technicians taking the course.”  This year we even have somebody flying out from Washington State!

Learn something new or use it as a refresher course.  Space is limited and the time is near.  Give Doug or Nate a call for more details!

Doug: 717-443-4662

Nate: 207-931-8600