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I have a suggestion for the daughter proven proofs that they should implement right away to make everything more transparent.

My suggestion

They need to have a genomic % influence number on the proof.  This should be easy to do and it will give us a better understanding how much genomics are influencing the daughter proven proofs of individual bulls.  For example if a bull has 40 daughters in the milk proof it should show a 90% genomic influence number (or whatever it is) or if another bull has 10,000 daughters it should show that the genomic influence is only 3% (or whatever it is).  As of today we have no clue how much genomics influence the daughter proven proofs.  I keep hearing that the numbers are coming out very close to the genomic numbers…..ok, but if the genomic numbers are influencing those numbers by 75% of course they are going to be similar!  They should have a genomic influence number for both the milk and type proofs.  This would give genomics more credibility for many people and give everybody a better understanding on how much genomics influence all the numbers.  I hope somebody takes a look at my suggestion!