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I am going to rank our top 5 competitors from my point of view from time to time.  I will also have a honorable mention list in alphabetical order.  This will give my readers what I see in the semen market business on the ground.  It also gives me a record of what I was thinking at certain periods of time.  I really don’t have any numbers to back up my thoughts just my perspective in the market.

Alta Genetics:

Coming in on number 1 is Alta Genetics! I’m still trying to diagnose exactly why I see them as our biggest competitor. I think it is a combination of a good technician force and salesmen with great personalities. They have a decent lineup and are over coming the low fertility stigma that they had 5-10 years ago with lots of advertising about fertility.

Select Sires:

Number 2 competitor is Select Sires!  Unlike Alta Genetics I think I know why they are at the top of the list.  I believe they do have the best line up in the business and their salesmen are more knowledgeable about genetics than any other company.  I think Select is much more open in telling their reps what is really going on in the business and they don’t hide any real information from their employees.  I think as time goes on they will always be in the top 3 competitors for many years to come.  All around solid company with line up and employees.

ABS Global

Third place winner is ABS!  I wouldn’t exactly call it winning… They dropped like a rock!  18-24 months ago they were number 1 and unbeatable with their solid technician force….until they all left!  It was amazing to see big groups of technicians leaving at different times and at different locations.  I think it all started to change when they took the company public a couple years ago?  They have a pretty good lineup and will continue to have good bulls for a long time.  It is going to take a lot of dedication and hard work to build up what they had.  I am already seeing very bad mistakes and taking the wrong roads….

Bull Power

Number 4 goes to non other than the Bull!  He is still a tough guy to beat no matter what!  He is still in nearly half of all the pens in the West Coast!  He actually should be number 1 if you are looking at pure number of pregnancies bred by the bull.  He is slowly dying off, but it is a slow death!  The milk and feed price is sure helping him disappear!  It is costing lots of money to feed that bull to breed some cows who are longer in milk!  Lots of those pregnancies are not desired like they used to be…..so the battle continues!

Creative Genetics

Creative Genetics made the list!  The reason they made the list is because we started marketing bulls in their niche market.  They have created a great market for themselves.  We are getting into this market because of long term goals and what we see to be the future in the market place in the next 20+ years.  I think Creative Genetics will only grow to be a stronger competitor as time goes on.

Honorable Mentions

Accelerated – Do they only sell semen over seas?

CRI – They keep trying, but don’t see much action or semen in tanks.

CRV – Huge pocket book is stimulating our economy!

El Toro – Because Bill is a great guy and a hard worker!

Joe Berry – Solid customer base, and he made the honorable mention list!

Semex – Continued growth around here….We don’t sell in Canada

Sexing Technologies – Almost #5  They let every one have sex semen besides us!

TAG – See in advertising, great bulls, but not many results…hope they grow.