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Now since I have my blog up I can write down what I remember of Sept. 11, 2001.  However, I do not believe I will ever forget, but this is how my day went on the day the music died.

Good Days

Back in 2001 I had nothing else on my mind besides breeding cows.  I didn’t really care what was going on around me besides that I had to find every cow in heat everyday and get that semen in the right spot.  It was just at that time I was really getting busy breeding cows picking up dairies and life was good!

Music Died

As I was leaving a dairy my radio wasn’t playing music anymore!  I had to get to the next dairy which was less than 5 minutes away.  As I was listening to the chaos I started to figure out that something big was happening.  At that point the few reports were that a small plane flew into the world trade center.  I remember thinking I think that is in Chicago….

As I pulled up to the next dairy to put my truck into park I heard about the second plane hitting the other tower.  As I was listening to the news reports, the dairyman (We will call him Steve from now on) came up to me and asked what I was doing.  In those days I never sat in my truck besides to get to the next place.  I told Steve what happened and I remember Steve looking at me telling me with a head jerk to get with the ball game the cows need to get unlocked.  I do not know how long I was there before Steve showed up….30 seconds or 10 minutes!  Well, I proceeded to start chalking cows….I made the big loop back to my truck and Steve was standing with his head in my truck window listening to the radio.  He never stood still either so I knew this was not going to be an ordinary day at all.

Towers Fell

I bred the cows and drove to the office to enter breedings in the computer.  I knew there was a radio in the office so I had no problem getting out of my truck so I can listen in the office because I was already behind schedule at that time.  I wasn’t in the office for more than a few seconds when reports were that a tower had collapsed.  By then I was getting mad!  Reports were that there could have been 50,000 people in that building!  I was listening and entering breedings as fast as I could as Steve walked in.  I didn’t hesitate a second when I heard him walk in the door to tell him that a tower has collapsed.  We both told each other who we thought had done it and we both knew….It was no surprise to either of us!

As I drove away I saw Steve get in his truck to head home – which he never ever did.  That was my first sight of how the world was going to be different.  A few minutes later I heard about the other tower falling.

Getting Home

I don’t remember much of the rest of the day breeding cows besides I wanted to get back to see it on a TV.  I know I drove too fast from dairy to dairy.  I was thinking of joining the military (which I never did – God Bless our Troops) ready to kick some major butt in the Middle East.  I remember looking up in the sky’s wondering why that small plane was in the air since no planes were supposed to be flying anywhere….knowing that things were going to be different from now on.  When I got back home I was glued to the TV until the next morning….I don’t remember sleeping at all!  From then on I have been listening to news more than music on the radio.  I can’t wait for the day that the music stays on!

This was my memory of September 11, 2001.