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I just watched a video from Chipotle Mexican Grill that Hoards Dairyman just posted on their Facebook Page.  It really took me back on the perception that people have on today’s agriculture.  This video is a great marketing ploy for their restaurant to show that they don’t want “that kind of suffering to be part of our success” (4:12 in this video).  Notice that they were successful before they entered into this marketing scheme.

I understand that people need choices in the food that they consume, but they do NOT need to throw the family farms that feed the world under the bus!  This video that they made does NOT represent our farmers correctly at all!

I have come to appreciate more and more the video’s from Real California Milk, Arizona Milk Producers, Ohio Dairy Farmers, Know A California Farmer and I am sure there a numerous other ones out there!  These are real family farms!  I know all of the people in these video’s personally from Arizona to Ohio and they do care about their crops and animals more than the public could ever imagine!

What I noticed is the amount of views these video’s are getting on youtube.  The total of these four video’s above are 800 views which some are over a year old!  The Chipotle viedo is only 6 days old and has over 30,000 views and growing by the hour!  People are watching their video’s and not ours!  We are loosing the food war when it comes to consumer confidence.  We are doing a great job at telling our stories, but we need to be doing a better job at SHARING the story to the public so they can hear our story!  With Social Media including Facebook Twitter and Youtube dominating the way people get their news and information we need to all share these stories.  A story is not a story unless people hear the story.  They are hearing theirs!

Without our customers (no matter how uneducated and dumb they are) we can not survive.  The consumer dictates the food we produce for them.  If the consumer would go back to eating around the family table we would produce the food that people would buy for that situation.  But we live in a fast past world where the consumer is demanding faster foods.  This forces the producer to produce foods that people can eat on the go.  This does not mean that they don’t care about their animals or crops.  These family farmers are the best stewards of the land and are getting better at it every year producing more food with less land and water than ever before!  Cows are treated with better care than ever as we are learning more about cow comfort each passing day.

We need to feed the world or the world will go hungry!