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Yesterday I saw a tweet from my friend, a dairyman and my congressman Devin Nunes from “The Fresno Bee editorial opinion blog” and I thought I would put my two cents in about the “Urban Farming” trend going around these days.  This article basically said that they want to limit urban chicken farming and add regulations to these “farmers”.

Reasons why people Urban Farm:

  • Concerned about food security (food supply)
  • Concerned about distance food travels (global warming)
  • They get connected with the earth
  • They think it is healthier
This video explains exactly why people are starting to Urban Farm….
Reasons why people should Urban Farm:
  • They will realize how hard farming is
  • They will realize how much time it takes to produce food
  • They will appreciate the work put into feeding themselves
  • They will realize they can NOT feed themselves
  • they will better understand where their food comes from
  • They will understand how expensive it is to grow food
  • They will understand how inexpensive the food is we produce for them
  • They will understand how safe their food supply currently is
I say let them grow their own food!  Nobody likes home grown food more than I do!  I love my garden veggies and fruit picked from backyard trees!  If they are smart enough to grow enough plants and raise enough animals to feed themselves it would be great!  The ones that can’t figure out how to grow enough food they might begin to understand that the food really does come from farms and family farms too!  I think it is a great way to show city kids that food does NOT come from the grocery store and they might see how much work it does take to put food on the table!  If anything, Urban Farming, will educate the public about food.  Maybe this Urban Farming trend is the beginning of the public appreciating our farmers!  Feeding the world is NOT an easy task!  Thank you to all of our farmers!!!
Just my thought for the day…