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Thank YOU!!!

We have completed four full years in business!  Many competitors did not think we would be around after 6 months!  We have news for them: We are NOT going away!!!

Last week (early August of 2011) we sold our 1,000,000 unit of semen!  It is a big milestone for us at Sierra Desert Breeders!  We could not have done it without YOU our customers!  We are so grateful for the TRUST you put in us.  Hearing the stories of the satisfaction you all have milking daughters from our bulls keeps us going!  We appreciate that you understand that we go past the numbers and really dig deep into pedigrees doing our research in the coral and not in the office.

We also have to give a BIG Thank You to JLG Enterprises!  We have been with JLG from day one and their commitment to quality is the very best in the business!  They treat our bulls with the best care in the world and the quality of semen they produce for us lets us compete and beat the biggest studs in the world!!!

We also have so many independent salesmen that we need to thank we can not possibly write them all down.  From South America, Mexico, Iran, Spain, Kenya and all over the United States it has been a pleasure to be working with the best in the business.  This is one thing we never expected to do: sell semen all over the world!

The breeders also need a BIG Thank You!  You guys are truly the best in what you do!  You guys not only get us top bulls you help us sort through the BS so that we do get bulls that make good cows despite all the politics!