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Increasing your pregnancy rate (PR) is always a topic that nutritionist, veterinarians and other consultants like to talk about because it is what keeps all dairies in business. As you all know without pregnant cows you will be hit hard financially down the road.

Their first instinct is to talk about Heat detection (HD). They always say the heat detection must be increased to increase PR. This drives me nuts! They should quit listening to professors and do their own math! It is true that you can increase PR if you increase HD rates, as long as you keep the same conception rates (CR)! What they don’t say is how increasing your CR will increase your PR even faster! I will give you a quick review of PR.


.20 X .80 = 16

.30 X .70 = 21

.40 X .60 = 24

.50 X .50 = 25

As you can see as you increase your CR and lower your HD you actually increase your PR!!! This is never ever mentioned! I know this is pretty simple, but CR are just as important (if not more) than HD. I’m not disregarding HD, but there are lots of things people can do to pay more attention to CR.

You must be aware that there are so many things you can do to increase PR including the “little” things like semen handling and placement. Be very clean in everything that you do and be aware of cold shock. The diet of the cow must be correct for high CR. Make sure you review an AI manual even when things are going good. It is very easy for breeders to get in bad habits! You might get good results for a while, but it is a matter of time when you sit back and wonder what went wrong! Review Review Review your procedure constantly!

Happy Breeding!!!