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Just got word that we bought a new Jersey bull today! It made me think of all the changes that have happened since we started Sierra Desert Breeders in 2007. Four years ago we had virtually no Jersey customers when it was just Wout and I marketing the semen from our first bulls. The few customers we had we could not afford to buy a Jersey bull because the bull could not pay for himself. It did not feel right to just let these customers go to the competitor, but we really had no other choice. We knew that once we waited for the right bull we would get them back and gain a few more clients!
Today is a whole new world when it comes to our Jersey customers! It is a big part of our growth! Not only is our customer base growing, but lots of our Holstein customers are switching to Jerseys! It is amazing to see these die hard Holstein dairymen switch breeds. I know that it took them lots of time to consider, but I really do believe that the feed cost made them take a step back and look at where the future is in milking cows.
The Jersey association has been tremendous is promoting their milk! They seem to educate their members more on the importance of their breed. They are a big part in the growth of the breed in the United States. I am not too familiar with the Jersey breed outside of the US, but I do know that our world wide sales always include Jersey semen! We just received a big order of Jersey semen to South America! If their growth is as big as ours is the future is definitely looking good for the Jersey market!
This is actually the second Jersey bull we purchased this week! I firmly believe even with the use of sexed semen in the Jersey herds, the demand for the Jersey cow is going to last a very long time! I have to caution that it will NOT last forever, but the future looks great! I had a conversation with a customer this past week who has been milking Jerseys for a long time. He was wondering why it took these guys so long to figure out the efficiency of the Jersey cow! He was also wondering where these Jersey animals are going to come from because he knows there just aren’t enough Jerseys to fill the gap. It is always good to be on the supply side of high demand!
It also shows that as the breed grows, we need more Jersey breeders to produce top bulls! I have confidence that the younger generation of Jersey breeders are going to do a very good job! They truly are educated in what they want out of their cow and will produce offspring that reflect that! I have heard of more new Jersey breeders popping up because they realize the demand for Jersey genetics and they want to be part of it!
Here is to the Jersey Breed!